Our Story

Ours is the company that values the power of two. Of expertise meeting insight. Design meeting quality. Colour meeting pattern. Eclectic meeting global. Young blood meeting the experienced. Which is how we deliver a range of high-quality durable sportswear. Our fabrics stretch, breathe and are a benchmark in comfort. Sport one. Flaunt one. Stretch in one and see for yourself.

Make a Move. What does it really mean? We’ll tell you. It’s when you turn your back on what’s comfortable, what’s safe, and what some would call common sense to make a choice. A choice against every aching muscle in your body, against the voices in your head asking you to do skipping. The jogging, the what-have-you. Tomorrow. That’s what it means. How you make a move is yours to choose. You could run a mile further from the extra mile, conquer a mountain, break a wave, maybe two. But when you do, we move with you

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